Attempted Homicide Lawyer West Palm Beach, FL Attempted Homicide Lawyer West Palm Beach, FL

While any criminal charge in Florida has the potential of serious consequences if the individual is convicted, there are certain criminal convictions that are especially dire, especially those that are categorized as violent crimes. Included in this category is the charge of attempted homicide. If you are facing these charges, you need to speak with a skilled attempted homicide lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL immediately to begin building a defense against these charges.

The criminal justice system in Florida prosecutes the crime of attempted homicide as aggressively as they prosecute the crime of homicide. The prosecutor does not consider the fact that the victim survived and will seek the harshest prison sentence available if they win a conviction.

According to the law, when a person takes direct and actual action towards killing another individual with the intent to kill that person, they have committed attempted homicide. This is different than just having a plan to kill someone or talking about killing someone. The person accused of the crime must have put that plan into action. For example, if the accused began stalking the individual, breaking into their home, or solicitated someone to kill the intended victim, these could all be considered direct and actual action and the person could be charged – and eventually convicted – with attempted homicide.

Types of Attempted Homicide

As a West Palm Beach, FL attempted homicide lawyer can explain, there are two types of attempted  homicide the prosecutor could charge a person with:

       -First-Degree Attempted Homicide: This charge requires premeditation on the part of the defendant. For example, the accused began stalking the intended victim over a period of days or weeks before the crime occurred.

      – Second-Degree Attempted Homicide: There is no premeditation on the part of the defendant. For example, the victim committed an act that so enraged the accused that they tried to kill the victim.

Penalties for Conviction

If a person in convicted of first-degree attempted homicide, they face the same penalty as if the victim had died and the charge was murder – up to life in prison. A second-degree conviction could result in a prison sentence of up to 15 years, however, if the discharge of a firearm was involved in the crime, the minimum mandatory sentence is 20 years in prison.

Having a seasoned attempted homicide lawyer defending you against these charges is imperative to your future. There are legitimate defenses to attempted homicide charges and an experienced defense lawyer will know what type of defense should be used in your situation. Some examples of legitimate defenses include self-defense, defense of others, abandonment defense, and more.

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