Avoid These Myths About Nursing Home Abuse

Avoid These Myths About Nursing Home Abuse

When your loved one is admitted to a nursing home, you should be able to expect that he or she is safe and well taken care of. Unfortunately, many older adults become victims of nursing home abuse. If you have your concerns about elder abuse, you may hear myths that could stop you from filing a lawsuit. Here are some common myths that should never stop you from investigating a loved one’s abuse.

Elder Abuse Doesn’t Happen in Nursing Homes

There is a misconception that elder abuse is more likely to happen at home and with a family member. While family members can prey on the elderly, they are not the only ones. Paid caregivers can also prey on their patients. Additionally, delivery personnel and other staff who have contact with older adults can be abusive towards them.

Elder Abuse Happens Because of Difficult Patients

Some people believe that elder abuse is inevitable. After all, some elderly patients can be difficult to deal with. For example, patients may not comply with doctor orders or those with mental health conditions or dementia may act aggressive or violent. While a caregiver’s job is difficult, there is never any excuse for the poor treatment of patients. Caregivers and doctors should have adequate training to deal with difficult patients and never react aggressively towards them.

Elder Abuse Presents With Bruises

Some people wrongly believe that if there are no bruises, then there is no abuse happening. You cannot always tell if someone is suffering neglect or abuse because bruises are present. A person can still undergo physical abuse with no bruising. Likewise, neglect, emotional abuse and mental abuse do not require physical force.

Signs of elder abuse may include your loved one seeming more withdrawn or fearful. He or she may look disheveled or unclean. Patients experience trauma from all kinds of abuse. If you suspect that your loved one is being mistreated, gather as much evidence as possible. You can collect medical records, witness statements and photographs of his or her conditions or physical state.

If you suspect elder abuse, do not buy into any of the myths. You need to talk with a nursing home abuse lawyer like one at Andersen Morse & Linthorst as soon as possible to protect your loved one’s health and integrity. No person deserves to face abuse in their home or where they are supposed to feel safe. A lawyer can help you collect evidence and build a case against your loved one’s caregivers or the nursing home.

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