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Behind Criminal Minds: The Truth About Drug Crimes and Addictions

Behind Criminal Minds: The Truth About Drug Crimes and Addictions

When we hear about yet another drug crime on the news, we often shake our heads in disgust, wondering what happened to our country. (Kids today, right?) But while drug crimes are a huge problem, especially in Southern Florida, they can also mean something more serious: a mental sickness.


Getting Behind Criminal Minds

We understand that it’s difficult to feel any sympathy when drug crimes in Miami often involve other misdemeanors and even more serious crimes such as burglaries and robberies, rape, assault, drug trafficking, and even homicide.

But as experienced drug crime attorneys in West Palm Beach, we’ve learned about the truth behind criminal minds. And that truth is that some crimes aren’t committed solely for the possession or sale of drugs; sometimes they involve serious addictions.

Learn more about drug crimes in West Palm Beach.

Adding Fuel to the Fire: A Scary Addiction

Watching someone in the throes of addiction can be excruciating and even devastating. Often those that are addicted are unwilling to admit they even have a problem leading to further denial and allowing the problem to escalate.

Without getting too much into human psychology here, the truth is that when these drug crime problems escalate, they often mean scary addictions.

This often means that an individual suffering from a serious drug addiction, who also remains untreated, is likely to commit another dangerous crime—like murder.

Learn more about how drug addictions start, and why some people become drug addicts here.

Are Drug Crimes Only Getting Worse?

If we look at some of the statistics in the state of Florida, it’s shocking to see some of the numbers.

Here is a quick break down of some of the facts:

  • Approximately 8 percent of Florida residents are illicit drug users—either currently or having reported this at least once.
  • The rate of drug use among in Florida alone is higher than the national average.
  • The death rate for drug users in Florida was also higher than the national average in 2007.
  • South Florida communities, such as Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe, and Palm Beach counties, are the busiest areas for drug trafficking.

Check out this site here to read more about some of the shocking drug abuse statistics in Florida.

It’s Time for a Change

For most struggling with an addiction, the first step toward recovery is accepting that a change must occur. Change is not easy for anyone to accept, and a person may have to accept the fact that their addiction is partly because of how they handle stress, the people in their life, etc. And, they will need to accept that things will have to change.

Treatment Options

There are various programs set up throughout the state of Florida in effort to combat drug use, drug-induced deaths, and even drug crimes. However, some of these programs have still a long way to go before they are up and running and effective.

For example, there are a number of federal grants available to help states set up proper programs and even foundations to help combat drug use and drug-related crimes. In fact, Florida received over $338 million to fund and support drug abuse programs throughout the state in 2010.

Of course, private psychological help is always available, and is strongly encouraged. In fact, if an individual is arrested for a drug crime in Southern Florida, and after he or she consults with a West Palm Beach drug crimes attorney, then part of the punishment—depending on the facts and circumstances of the drug-related crime and case, of course—may be probation, which could involve seeking psychological help on a regular basis in order to help the individual with his or her addiction.

Do Your Part

If you or someone you love is suffering from a drug addiction or drug abuse, then there are some steps you can take in order to prevent a drug crime or a drug arrest.

Here are some options:

  • Look into state-funded programs: There are plenty of state programs that help sponsor those recovering from drug addictions. These offer discounted recovery programs, job training, and rehabilitation to help an abuser move on with his or her life—and clean!
  • Move: If you or a loved one is living in an area that encourages drug use or you are living with someone that is also addicted to drugs, you may need to relocate to a more stable environment.
  • Set Up a Support Network: While not everyone has the love, care, and support of family or friends to help them with an addiction, there are other available avenues to help set up a support network through meetings, appointments, and so on.
  • Call a Drug Crimes Attorney in West Palm Beach: If you or someone you love faces drug crime charges, then it’s best to consult with a drug crimes attorney in West Palm Beach. Waiting could mean risking your freedom.

Read more about drug addictions and where to find help here.

Being Arrested for a Drug Crime in West Palm Beach Doesn’t Mean Game Over.

Learn New Options with a Drug Crimes Attorney in West Palm Beach

If your or someone you love has been arrested for a drug crime near West Palm Beach or Southern Florida, it doesn’t mean that it’s game over. Find out your options by talking over your case with a drug crimes attorney in West Palm Beach.

Recovering from a drug addiction, or even fighting a drug crime can be difficult and will require a long-term commitment. So get prepared today by working with a drug crimes attorney in West Palm Beach, and get on the path to recovery.

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