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Analyzing the Impact of Florida’s 10-20-Life Law on Weapon-Related Felonies

Guns, ammunition and shackle placed in a dark table for the 10-20-Life Concept

Committing a crime is one thing, but committing a crime with the addition of a firearm elevates it to a new level. Even just the possession of any firearm can lead to a mandatory 10-year minimum sentencing for a first offense. The penalties increase for discharging the weapon increase to 20 years, and harming or […]

Defensive Strategies in High-Profile Murder Trials

high profile murder arrest trial in west palm beach Florida

It’s the most serious felony a person can be charged with and includes the harshest penalties of any crime in the Sunshine State. Your freedom—and possibly your life—is at stake if you are convicted. Legal representation is vital from the very beginning of a murder trial case. A murder case also draws attention, either to […]

Navigating Complexities in Federal Drug Trafficking Cases

federal drug trafficking case in west palm beach

Federal drug trafficking is much more serious than simple possession, which is usually prosecuted at the state level. The manufacture, sale, distribution, or possession with intent to distribute the drugs across state lines moves it to the federal level, with increased consequences. This includes any controlled substances, both prescription drugs and illegal ones like marijuana […]

The Impact of Florida’s 10-20-Life Law in Criminal Defense

firearm arrest, 10-20 life laws

While Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” laws allow law-abiding citizens to defend themselves, the Sunshine State’s 10-20-Life laws address the other end of the spectrum. Judges in Florida are required to use minimum sentencing guidelines for specific felony convictions that include firearms or other dangerous weapons. Individuals who possess or use a firearm during the commission […]

Understanding Drug Possession Laws in Florida: What Constitutes a Violation?

drug possession and arrest

Despite the legalization of cannabis in other states, marijuana is still illegal here. Drug possession of marijuana—or any number of controlled substances—is against Florida law. Possession ranges from a first-degree misdemeanor to a first-degree felony with fines and jail time. Even a small amount can mean a mandatory prison term. It’s important to work with […]

The Role of a Defense Attorney in Restorative Justice in Florida

role of defense lawyer in restorative justice

One of the byproducts of the criminal justice system is the repeat defendant who continues to commit crimes after they are released from prison. With a program called Restorative Justice, recidivism and other issues can be mitigated by working with the defendant and the victim (or their family). The program offers some relief to the […]

From Arrest to Acquittal: Your West Palm Beach Defense Attorney 

west palm beach defense attorney arrest to acquittal

Facing criminal charges can bring overwhelming stress into your life. Convictions can lead to hefty fines, probation, revoked driving privileges, and potentially even imprisonment. The importance of your right to due process cannot be overstated, and at Farkas & Crowley, we review every criminal proceeding with a fine-toothed comb. If you’ve been charged with a […]

Defending Clients in the Sunshine State

defending clients in the sunshine state

Since 2010, Florida has experienced a population increase of over 3.4 million. In 2022 alone, the inbound migration came primarily from New York, California, and New Jersey. Every day, roughly 1200 people are moving into Florida from elsewhere. Many people find themselves unexpectedly arrested or otherwise involved in a criminal case. They may not even […]


Florida drug laws video

Jacqueline Crowley, a partner in the law practice of Farkas & Crowley of West Palm Beach, Florida, discusses Florida’s harsh drug laws, especially regarding drug trafficking. Both attorneys, Adam Farkas and Jacqueline Crowley, have experience and strong legal backgrounds. Together they serve their clients, and as Jacqueline says, you are getting two lawyers for the […]

Fighting a Drug Possession Charge

drug possession

Home Fighting a Drug Possession Charge LOCATED IN WEST PALM BEACH, FL AND SERVING CLIENTS THROUGHOUT FLORIDA Most possession charges in Florida are charged as a third-degree felony but can be first- or second-degree charges. The exception is marijuana possession of less than 20 grams, a first-degree misdemeanor. Proving Drug Possession To convict, a prosecutor […]