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What is Insurance Fraud? Penalties for Insurance Fraud

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), insurance companies collect over $1 trillion in premiums every year. This extraordinary amount of money increases the risk for illegal activity, like insurance fraud, to be committed. Insurance fraud can be committed in a variety of ways, such as in relation to car accidents, medical care, or Read More

What Happens When You Violate Probation?

If you have been sentenced to probation or community control, there are many requirements that you are ordered to follow. A failure to complete any of these requirements may be considered a probation violation. Additionally, if you are on probation and commit another crime, you have violated the terms of your probation. Violations of probation Read More

Crimes Committed by Minors

While crimes committed by people under the age of 18 are still very serious, the law generally treats minors accused of crimes differently than it would if they were an adult. In most cases, the goal is to provide treatment and rehabilitation for the minor, as opposed to punishment. This can be very important for Read More

License Suspension Following Drug Possession Conviction

If you have been charged with a drug possession offense, you face the possibility of several significant penalties. One such penalty is the loss of your license to drive a vehicle. When you start thinking about all the places you drive, the severity of this penalty becomes clear. Loss of License Under Florida law, when Read More

What is Tax Evasion?

The approach of the deadline for filing income tax returns provides the perfect opportunity to discuss the crime of tax evasion. A part of the numerous white collar crimes, tax evasion is criminalized under both state and federal law and can be committed in several different ways. What is Tax Evasion? Many people actively attempt Read More

Possession of Child Pornography

The possession of child pornography is a serious offense with the possibility of severe punishment. Often, the creation of such material victimizes children. As a result, both society and the criminal justice system penalize the possession of child pornography very aggressively. Because of this, individuals accused of committing this crime should speak to an experienced Read More

White Collar Crime: Conspiracy

One of the numerous white collar crimes is the offense of conspiracy. An individual accused of committing conspiracy may be prosecuted under both state and federal law. Conspiracy is often committed by members of organized crime, people planning or committing acts of terrorism, or people involved in drug trafficking. However, it is important to understand Read More