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The Intersection of White-Collar Crime and Cybercrime

white collar and cybercrime in west palm beach

White-collar crime has long been associated with Wall Street, stockbrokers, business executives, and “office workers.” Cases like Bernie Madhoff and Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX are just two examples of how white-collar crime can do untold economic harm to its victims. For every one of these cases you hear about, there are a thousand others that […]

RICO Law In The News

rico laws

The recent indictment in Georgia against former President Donald Trump—along with 18 others—follows his contest of the 2020 election results. This high-profile political case is based on the state RICO laws in Georgia. What Is RICO? The abbreviation RICO stands for Racketeer Influenced And Corrupt Organizations. The law was originally passed in 1970 to help […]

West Palm Beach White Collar Crime Attorney

white collar crime discussion by client and lawyer

While the beachside community of West Palm Beach may not seem like an ideal setting for criminal activity, it’s important to remember that white-collar crimes can occur anywhere. If you are accused of white collar crime, you will want a West Palm Beach attorney who can defend you against allegations of white collar crimes. White-collar […]

Types of White Collar Crime

business man arrested for white collar crime

A white-collar crime is a non violent type of crime and tend to involve activities of deceit such as bribery, forgery, fraud and embezzlement. There are various types of white collar crime. Though not limited to the state of Florida, white-collar crimes such as Medicare fraud and life insurance fraud have been known to be […]