Child Custody Lawyer West Palm Beach, FL

Child Custody Lawyer West Palm Beach, FL

If you are trying to get custody of your child, you should consult a child custody lawyer West Palm Beach, FL residents trust. There’s a lot at stake, and you want someone knowledgeable and experienced on your side. Here are several factors judges consider when deciding on custody:

The Relationship Between the Child and Each Parent

Before making a child custody ruling, the judge will assess the child’s relationship with each parent. In most cases, the judge will grant custody to the parent who has the strongest relationship with the child. For instance, if your spouse hasn’t been around for much of your child’s life and you have, you will likely receive full custody.

The Mental and Physical Health of Each Parent

The court will also look at each parent’s mental and physical health before making a decision. Ideally, the parent who is awarded custody will have a strong mind and body. For example, a judge is unlikely to grant custody to a parent who struggles with anger management or bipolar disorder. Similarly, a judge likely won’t award custody to a parent who suffers from a chronic physical condition because he or she may not be strong enough to take care of the child.

The Child’s Preference

If the child is 14 or older, the judge may consider his or her preferences in the decision. The judge will speak to the child in private and may use a less formal tone. The judge will ask the child which parent he or she prefers to live with and why.

Each Parent’s Living Situation

As a child custody lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL can confirm, judges place importance on each parent’s living situation during custody battles. A stable living situation can have a major impact on a child’s emotional health. Ideally, the child should get his or her own room and live in a safe neighborhood.

Each Parent’s Work Schedule

Although it’s important for the custodial parent to have a steady job and income, he or she should also be able to spend time with the child. If one parent, for example, is a long distance truck driver, he or she may not be able to give the child adequate attention. The judge will most likely grant custody to the parent who can be there for the child.

If you have additional questions about child custody, get in touch with a child custody lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL at Farkas & Crowley, PA promptly.