Child Custody Lawyer West Palm Beach, FL

Child Custody Lawyer West Palm Beach, FL Child Custody Lawyer West Palm Beach, FL

Child Custody Lawyer West Palm Beach, FL

If you are in need of some assistance resolving a family matters issue, then contacting a child custody lawyer in West Palm Beach, Florida may be quite helpful. Child custody cases are not always the easiest of cases to handle and have a lot of details involved in ensuring that you get custody of your child. Having sufficient legal counsel in these cases is extremely helpful in presenting your case to the judge and court. Lawyers from Farkas & Crowley, P.A. are skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable in family matters issues like child custody and are the right lawyers to assist you with your case.

Fit vs Unfit in a Child Custody Case

The details involved in child custody cases vary from parent to parent. Some of the most important things to keep in mind revolve around being a parent that is ‘fit’ or one that is deemed to have been ‘unfit’. If one parent is deemed as fit and the other parent is deemed to be unfit, then generally speaking the fit parent will receive custody of the child(s). A parent is deemed to be unfit if they showed a history of child abuse and violence, neglecting of the child or abandonment. A child custody lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL from Farkas & Crowley, P.A. can help you to distinguish these factors better and to understand the case in full.   

Different Types of Parenting Decided by the State

There are a few different decisions that a judge may make in your child custody case. These involve the different terms used for parenting and the time that may be allotted to each parent depending upon the decision of the court. It is also best to understand that the Florida courts seek to ensure that the best interest of the child is always followed. A few of the different types of parenting that Florida designates are as follows:

  • Shared Responsibility – Both of the parents will share equally in the responsibility of the child. Parents must agree upon the decisions or will have to go back to court to have a judge decide the issues. This is the most common of the 3 responsibilities deemed by a judge.
  • Shared with Ultimate Decision Making – Similar to shared responsibility, but in this case the court designated one parent to have power of decision making if they both cannot agree.  
  • Sole Responsibility – One parent will be designated as completely in control of the child. This responsibility form is the rarest of the 3.

Why We are the Lawyers for You

We at Farkas & Crowley, P.A. are the right lawyers for you for a number of reasons. One of the most important elements of those reasons is that we care about helping our clients get the results that they deserve and strive for. We also have years of experience with the Florida court system and understand the nuances and complexities of the law in Florida. It is with confidence that we believe we can serve as your child custody lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL and receive the results that you are seeking. Contact us today for a consultation.