Crime or a Game? What Teenagers Really Think about Grand Theft Auto

Crime or a Game? What Teenagers Really Think about Grand Theft Auto

You have probably heard of grand theft auto, a video game that many teenagers simply adore. In real life, some teenagers will go to lengths to replicate this video game and commit grand theft auto.

What is Grand Theft Auto – In Real Life?

There have been many reported claims of incidents where teenagers used the video game techniques to hijack different vehicles across the United States.

What is grand theft in real life? Well, it is illegal for drivers to be forced out of their vehicles and then stealing the vehicle. In fact, this is a very serious crime.

A Crime Spree

In many cases, as the vehicle operator is forced out of the vehicle, the thief gets into the vehicle and drives away while in some cases, the operator is held by force inside the vehicle.

Depending on the teenager’s reason for taking the vehicle, sometimes, the vehicle is later abandoned or ends up in a collision. This could also be a situation where a weapon may be involved; whether a firearm, knife or baseball bat. If the motorist is threatened, the crime escalates from vehicle theft to an additional charge of assault and battery.

Easy Breezy For Quick Cash…and a High Score

The vehicle’s make and model most stolen depends on the area where the crime takes place and the ease of the theft. For example, in some areas, vehicle owners don’t place much emphasis on installing security systems or the vehicle may be an older make and model with different standards or features compared to current vehicles.

Older vehicles might present an easier challenge and be easier to scrap and sell parts and metals. In some cases, a teenager could commit grand theft auto in order to score some quick cash.

Ahead of the Game

The law may conduct random vehicle checks and keep a watch out for stolen vehicles, which are reported. The law does recover stolen vehicles, but not at the rate that vehicle owners would probably like.

The law may have a challenging time staying abreast or ahead of teenagers that are found carjacking different vehicles.

Back to the Game

There are many teenagers that play the video game and are not affected by it while there are others that do the opposite. It depends on a number of things, but the teenager’s mental state, home environment, and upbringing is probably the best answer.

A teenager with more risk of committing a crime is usually the person to watch. This profile might probably fit an impulsive and angry teen.

Seeking Legal Help? Hire a Criminal Attorney in West Palm Beach

If you are a parent of a teenager who has been accused of grand theft auto or a carjacking crime, then you will have to seek legal assistance from a criminal attorney.

While the attorney might not place blame on the grand theft auto video game in your case, an experienced and capable attorney will aggressively defend your criminal case to the full extent of the law.

Call a criminal attorney in West Palm Beach FL at Farkas & Crowley today at (561)-444-9529 for a consultation.

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