Defensive Strategies in High-Profile Murder Trials

Defensive Strategies in High-Profile Murder Trials

It’s the most serious felony a person can be charged with and includes the harshest penalties of any crime in the Sunshine State. Your freedom—and possibly your life—is at stake if you are convicted. Legal representation is vital from the very beginning of a murder trial case.

high profile murder arrest trials

A murder case also draws attention, either to the deceased and the defendant or the circumstances of the case. The increased attention makes jury selection much more difficult. The Constitution and Florida state laws guarantee the right to a fair trial. But can a defendant get a fair trial if they are already convicted in “The Court of Public Opinion?” The defense counsel’s job is to offer the best defenses for their client to demonstrate their innocence.

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Defense #1: Self-Defense or Defense of Another Person

Florida’s Stand Your Ground laws give a person the right to self-defense (including with a firearm) if they are under attack. In some cases, this is obvious to the police, and no charges are filed. But in other cases, it may not be obvious.

There must be sufficient evidence that a person was in fear for their life and was justified in using lethal force, such as during a fight or sudden combat, even without a weapon. Or, if a death results from someone defending another person who was in fear for their life or in imminent danger of death.

The homicide may be considered “justifiable” under these circumstances, or if the death was accidental, there was no intent to harm, and the individual charges were acting lawfully. Under these circumstances, the case may be dismissed.

Defense #2: An Alibi

A strong alibi with credible evidence proves that the accused was nowhere near the murder and could not have committed the crime. The defense must prove the accused’s whereabouts at the time of the murder. Supporting evidence such as surveillance video, cell phone locations and other digital evidence, eyewitness testimony, other corroborating witnesses, and other physical evidence are used to establish location.

Defense #3: Mistaken Identity

Was it you, or someone who looked like you? An unreliable witness can lead police to arrest and accuse the wrong person of murder. This defense creates doubt with the jury, especially if defense counsel can prove the mistaken identity.

Defense #4: Lack of Intent/No Probable Cause

The prosecution must show convincing evidence and a strong motive for committing murder. If there isn’t one, the jury may have difficulty convicting.  

While this may not be a sufficient defense on its own, other accompanying evidence such as self-defense and testimony from expert witnesses can show there was no intent to harm or kill someone.

These are just some of the available defenses our criminal defense team can use to defend you against the charge of murder. Every case is different, and we’ll investigate your case to find the best defense for your case.


We believe that you should consult with a criminal defense attorney anytime you are asked to speak to the police. Having a strong defense strategy is crucial when fighting murder charges.

Even if you aren’t immediately arrested, you should contact our criminal defense team to begin your defense. Say nothing to them until you speak with us.

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