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Do I Need Assistance From an Accident Lawyer? 

Do I Need Assistance From an Accident Lawyer? 

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A car accident can change your life for the worse, and it can dramatically affect your future. Car accidents happen to people every day, but if your accident was caused by a negligent driver then you are encouraged to get legal help. If your accident was recent, there is a strong chance that you may be able to be compensated. While some cases are fairly simple enough where an accident victim can handle it on their own, some cases are more complicated. See if the following scenarios apply to you if you are trying to decide if you need a lawyer. 

You Received a Settlement Offer

Commonly after a car accident, insurance companies may reach out to you and try to give you a settlement offer. Though it sounds like a good deal, be wary about any kind of initial compensation that they extend you. Too many accident victims will accept the offer right away, and they later find out that they could have received a higher one. Always have a lawyer review a settlement offer you receive so they can make sure it’s fair. 

You’re Struggling to Negotiate With the Insurance Company  

Talking to an insurance company about your claim can be full of challenges, especially when they are not willing to listen to you or are quick to dismiss your claim. If this is the case, hire a lawyer and they will be able to negotiate with the insurance company directly. They understand how to communicate with insurance companies and navigate their tactics, so with their help you have a stronger chance of being fairly compensated. 

Your Case Involves Multiple At-Fault Parties

There are accidents that may involve multiple parties. For example, if you were struck by two drivers who were street racing and you were hurt as a result, then hiring a lawyer is highly recommended. When your case includes multiple parties at fault, your case can get complicated quickly. Let a lawyer with the right experience work on your case because they will be able to keep track of the many parts of your claim. 

Having the right legal representation can mean the difference between a settlement that covers your expenses and no settlement at all. Get the information you need by meeting with a car accident lawyer like one from David & Philpot, P.L. and see if you can benefit from their help. 

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