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Drug Trafficking is the Most Dangerous Drug-Related Crime

Drug Trafficking is the Most Dangerous Drug-Related Crime

Drug related crime is always a serious Florida crime and drug trafficking carries some of the most severe penalties in the state of Florida.

The chief thing to keep in mind about drug related crime charges in the West Palm Beach area, and for the entire state of Florida, is drug trafficking does not require a large-scale operation to be considered trafficking drugs. An individual could be found with half an ounce of a controlled substance in their pocket and be accused of engaging in drug trafficking, especially if they were arrested while traveling.

drug trafficking - exchanging money for drugs

Drug Trafficking Types

Drug trafficking refers to any activity involving the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, and sale of controlled substances.

  • Cultivation

Cultivation refers to any effort to grow and maintain any plants or chemicals needed to create illegal controlled substances. In popular culture, cultivation can be most frequently depicted in situations where marijuana dealers build special greenhouses to build cannabis plants. For the purposes of drug trafficking charges, cultivation may also apply to labs set up to create the substances.

  • Manufacture

The cultivation of plants or chemicals to make the controlled substances then must be processed and packaged for transportation and sale, which gets labeled as manufacturing. Again, the size of the manufacturing operation does not matter when it comes to drug trafficking charges; the individuals accused of drug trafficking could be operating out of a giant warehouse, or they could be working in a small basement.

  • Distribution

The term “trafficking” may suggest the idea of distribution, as the controlled substances in question generally must be transported away from the cultivation and manufacturing centers to be sold. As such, anyone engaging in the importing and/or exporting of any controlled substances would be engaging in distribution.

It should be noted here that distribution can apply no matter how far the controlled substances must travel. It could be international, or it could be right down the street.

  • Sales

The endpoint of drug trafficking involves the intent to sell the items in question. Sales can occur at any place at any time, usually in such a way as to minimize exposure for the buyer and seller.

Something else to keep in mind about drug trafficking charges would be how the charges would apply even if the person accused of trafficking never used any of the controlled substances in question.

Potential Penalties

The state of Florida currently shows very little tolerance for drug trafficking charges. The charges vary depending on the type and amount of the substance in question. For example, a person charged with trafficking anywhere from 25 lbs. to 2,000 lbs. of cannabis can be sentenced to a minimum of three years in jail and face a fine of $25,000. Those charges get compounded for repeat offenses, and the fines and jail time can be higher for other substances.

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