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How to Get Compensation for a Car Accident

How to Get Compensation for a Car Accident

Whether you decide to file a claim through insurance or take your case to court, you should always retain the assistance of a car accident lawyer, like a lawyer from Greenspan & Greenspan P.C., right away. Your lawyer will always have your best interest at heart and wants to make sure you get what you deserve in a case. 

Seek Compensation from Insurance

The easiest way to get compensation for the damages done in a car accident is getting a settlement amount from the other party’s insurance. If the other person was clearly at fault in the accident, this can be a simple thing to do. You need to make sure you are getting compensated a fair amount, though. This is where your lawyer comes in. Your car accident lawyer will look at your past and present bills — such as for your car and other damaged property, as well as past and present medical bills. Then, he or she will determine approximately how much you may need to pay in the future. The reasoning behind this is to make sure you are given a fair payout to cover everything you may possibly need because of this accident in the future. It is only fair that you do not have to pay for any of these damages out of your own money. 

Insurance agents are known to short change victims because their job is to save their own company money. You need to look at future costs as well as present expenses, and lost wages due to missed work because of the accident. All of these things add up and it is important to take all of them into account when deciding to settle. Some people would rather go this route than going to court, simply because it can feel quite a bit easier. 

Seek Compensation in Court

The other option you have is to take the other party or parties to court. You should definitely have a lawyer by your side for this, as he or she will know how to better your chances of gaining fair compensation. Your lawyer will look at all of the bills you have and come up with another number of what you will likely have to pay because of your injuries in the future. They will look at property damages, lost wages due to missed work, and could even take in account your pain and suffering if the accident was particularly traumatic. A lawyer who has a lot of experience in personal injury cases involving car accidents will know what a judge may look for in a case like this and what will be favorable in court. Even if you feel that your case is fairly straightforward, you need to have a lawyer on your side so that you can meet all of the important deadlines, have someone in your corner to fight against experienced insurance companies and other lawyers, and focus on healing while you also seek compensation. Do not hesitate to retain legal assistance. There is a statute of limitations for filing in every state that will make it impossible if you miss the deadline. 

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