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Florida courts have the power to accept or deny record sealing or expungement cases. But, before you can go before a judge and request that your criminal record be sealed, you must file your petition with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for Eligibility verification.

There are strict eligibility requirements for a record seal or expungement and the State Attorney will also have to sign off on your request before you can present your case to the judge.

It is important to hire a criminal defense attorney for this process to not only ensure you qualify, but to represent your claim and increase the likelihood of approval.

Why Seal or Expunge Your Criminal Record?

A criminal record can follow you around the rest of your life. It can impede you from getting a job, finding a good place to live, or even qualifying for state-funded financial aid. If your record is officially sealed or expunged, it will no longer show up on private criminal background checks.

Furthermore, a criminal history can be embarrassing, and if your crime was just a simple mistake, expunging it may be your best way to regain your reputation.

Sealing and Expungement Are Not the Same

There is a difference between a sealed and expunged record. A sealed record means that it cannot be opened or seen, but the case information is still available to law enforcement. Expunged means it is permanently deleted and no one can see it – including police officers.

Eligibility for these types of cases can be complex, but you may qualify if:

  • You have never been convicted –your record could be sealed.
  • You were arrested but the state dropped the case –you could expunge your record.
  • You were sentenced but the formal adjudication was withheld –you could have the case sealed.

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