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Types of Federal Weapons Charges

federal weapons criminal charges

When learning about federal weapons charges, the first thing to remember would be that firearms alone do not represent the entirety of weapons charges. While handguns and rifles obviously meet the legal requirements of a weapon, weapons charges can also be brought up in situations involving bombs, chemical weapons, and certain kinds of knives or […]

Can I Appeal My Conviction?

conviction appeal by a prisoner

As soon as you have been found guilty, your first though may be “Can I appeal my conviction?” The answer is yes, but that appeal has to meet certain requirements before being allowed to proceed. You must have grounds (reasons) for an appeal and must present those grounds in a formal legal way. Individuals who […]

Assault and Battery in Florida

Lady pulled over by police for possible assault and battery in Florida

Assault and battery are actually two separate charges or crimes in Florida. Simply put assault is the threat to do bodily harm including deadly harm and battery is the physical act of doing that harm. Threats to harm someone is an assault. If you threaten to use a deadly weapon while making your threat or […]