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Jacqueline Crowley, a partner in the law practice of Farkas & Crowley of West Palm Beach, Florida, discusses Florida’s harsh drug laws, especially regarding drug trafficking. Both attorneys, Adam Farkas and Jacqueline Crowley, have experience and strong legal backgrounds. Together they serve their clients, and as Jacqueline says, you are getting two lawyers for the […]

Fighting a Drug Possession Charge

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Home Fighting a Drug Possession Charge LOCATED IN WEST PALM BEACH, FL AND SERVING CLIENTS THROUGHOUT FLORIDA Most possession charges in Florida are charged as a third-degree felony but can be first- or second-degree charges. The exception is marijuana possession of less than 20 grams, a first-degree misdemeanor. Proving Drug Possession To convict, a prosecutor […]

Drug Trafficking is the Most Dangerous Drug-Related Crime

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Drug related crime is always a serious Florida crime and drug trafficking carries some of the most severe penalties in the state of Florida. The chief thing to keep in mind about drug related crime charges in the West Palm Beach area, and for the entire state of Florida, is drug trafficking does not require […]

What Is Drug Trafficking

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In the simplest terms, drug trafficking or distribution refers to any activity involving the handling of controlled substances. While other drug-related crimes can include possession, production, or general usage, drug trafficking specifically focuses on criminal activities involving the transportation of controlled substances. ¬† Typical drug trafficking charges in the state of Florida can include importing, […]