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Navigating Complexities in Federal Drug Trafficking Cases

federal drug trafficking case in west palm beach

Federal drug trafficking is much more serious than simple possession, which is usually prosecuted at the state level. The manufacture, sale, distribution, or possession with intent to distribute the drugs across state lines moves it to the federal level, with increased consequences. This includes any controlled substances, both prescription drugs and illegal ones like marijuana […]

Is Marijuana Illegal In Florida?

Hippie Style Woman Smoking Cigarettes With Medical Marijuana

Yes Marijuana is illegal in Florida. In some Florida counties, small amounts have been decriminalized, meaning the penalty is less severe depending on the amount, type, and what county. But decriminalization does not mean legal and recreational marijuana is illegal in Florida. Despite other states’ laws allowing recreational use of marijuana legal, Florida has so […]

Drug Trafficking is the Most Dangerous Drug-Related Crime

drug trafficking in florida

Drug related crime is always a serious Florida crime and drug trafficking carries some of the most severe penalties in the state of Florida. The chief thing to keep in mind about drug related crime charges in the West Palm Beach area, and for the entire state of Florida, is drug trafficking does not require […]

What Is Drug Trafficking

drug trafficking arrest in florida

In the simplest terms, drug trafficking or distribution refers to any activity involving the handling of controlled substances. While other drug-related crimes can include possession, production, or general usage, drug trafficking specifically focuses on criminal activities involving the transportation of controlled substances.   Typical drug trafficking charges in the state of Florida can include importing, […]