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The Common Consequences of Probation Violation

The Common Consequences of Probation Violation

A probation period is basically a court order that allows a convicted criminal offender to serve time without necessarily spending it in jail. A period of probation will normally include certain requirements and constraints that have to be fulfilled by the criminal offender. Failure to adhere to any of the terms and conditions of probation may lead to a variety of consequences.

Some Common Consequences of Probation Violation include:

Consequences of Probation Violation


This is one of the most extreme consequences of violating probation. After a report of a serious violation, the judge annuls probation and sentences an offender to imprisonment. The period of prison time might extend as much as the remainder of the time left on the probationary term.

Added Time

Even one case of probation violation can result into extra time added onto your probationary term. The judge normally determines how much time is to be added onto the overall sentence. In particular states, a court might re-impose the initial term of probation, making the offender to return to the start of the term.

Additional stipulations on obligations

Violating probation often times results in additional stipulations on an offender’s obligations. For example, if a person violated the requirements of his or her probation by using illegal substances, then he may be required to go for counseling or some kind of a drug treatment as a probation requirement.

Home Detention

Home detention is another common consequence of a probation violation. There are several different methods of home detention that can be used, including regular checking in with the probation officer. Home detention normally consist of basic electronic tracking and also keeping track with GPS.

Most of the legal courts conduct a probation process with numerous stages of sentencing for several kinds of criminal acts, but considering recurring violation. The choices commonly consist of intensive probation and probation with or without supervision. An offender is always subjected to a supervised term if he or she violates unsupervised probation. Other additional penalties can be incarceration, supplemental monetary charges, or even community service hours.

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