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The Craziest Juvenile Crimes of 2015

The Craziest Juvenile Crimes of 2015

Many teenagers are in and out of court due to juvenile crimes. While some of the cases are due to the irresponsibility and negligence of the parents, there are some teens that just cannot seem stay out of trouble – regardless of how watchful and diligent their parents are. The court system has enough to do as it is, and delinquent teenagers make their job even more challenging.

Large Scale Criminal Activities

You might think that large crimes are only committed by adults, but that is not the case. Young teenagers are capable of committing some of the craziest crimes imaginable. Some of these teenagers are not remorseful either, even when faced with the consequences of their actions. For them, the court system can become a revolving door—even into adulthood.

A 12 year-old Shooting Suspect

In June 2015, a fatal shooting occurred in Omaha, Nebraska. The suspect was a twelve year-old boy. After the investigation, police found the boy in Minneapolis. He was booked and remanded into custody by the U.S. Marshals with the intention of returning him to Nebraska for a court hearing.

Can you imagine a 12-year-old committing such a tragic crime? He was not the only suspect in the shooting. It was later discovered that there were two other suspects, 15 and 17 years old. The three young people were suspected of killing a 31 year-old man and also wounding a 30 year old man.

The teenagers planned to rob both men by luring them to a location for a marijuana deal. The deal went sour and both men were shot by the teens.

The Wal-Mart Crime Storm

In June 2015, 50 teenagers stormed a Macon, Georgia Wal-Mart store, bent on destroying merchandise valued at an estimate of $2,000. During the incident, some of the teenagers snatched a gentleman from his motorized cart, dragged him to the ground, and injured him. The teens ran from the scene once the police arrived. One 17 year-old teenager was arrested as he went back to the store to recover his mobile phone. From the surveillance camera, police tried to identify the remaining suspects.

According to the police, one of the teens reported that the goal was to see the amount of damage that would result from their stampede.

The Teen Couple

In June 2015, a teen couple was accosted in the open Ohio River after trying to flee from law enforcement. Apparently, as the investigation developed, it was found that the couple had been involved in a crime spree across three states.

The police released a detailed report that a 15 year-old girl and 16 year-old boy went on a six-day spree involving two stolen vehicles, ammunition theft from Wal-Mart, injury to a Pennsylvania law enforcement officer, and armed robbery.

It is said that after responding to the Wal-Mart theft, the Pennsylvania police went to investigate. The West Virginia police were also alerted of the crime. The teens led the police on a 12-mile chase when the teen’s vehicle collided with a parked vehicle. The teens exited the vehicle and ran for a quarter of a mile where they then jumped in the Ohio River.

The two teens were eventually caught, held in juvenile detention, and charged.

Wild and Crazy

In May 2015, a 17 year-old female was arrested when she ran towards police naked and covered in blood, shouting that she was satanic. It is suspected that she was high on a street substance called “flakka”.

The incident occurred in Florida, and law enforcement was already aware of the hallucinatory effect of this street drug. She was later charged with battery, burglary, and criminal mischief. She was then released into the custody of a juvenile detention center.

If you are a parent with a troubled teenager who is involved in criminal mischief or illegal activities, or perhaps already in the juvenile court system, contact an experienced criminal attorney right away for help and guidance with your situation.

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