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The Most Popular White Collar Crimes and What They Mean to You

The Most Popular White Collar Crimes and What They Mean to You

White-collar crimes generally involve situations where an offense was financially motivated. In many cases, businesses or government employees are common perpetrators. Bear in mind that these offenses are not considered violent, and are usually carried out by an individual who is trusted or has a high level of autonomy.

A conviction for a white-collar crime, however, means that the individual could be facing serious consequences.


The most popular kind of white-collar crime falls under the broad umbrella of fraud. There are many different offenses that are considered fraud, the basis of which is an intentional misrepresentation of a fact or the omission of a fact. Someone has to suffer a monetary loss in order for an event to be considered fraudulent.

The most common types of fraud include:

  • Healthcare fraud: This could include accepting kickbacks or billing out for services that were not performed, among other things
  • Bankruptcy fraud: If you file for bankruptcy and have hidden assets or misled creditors, you could be facing fraud charges
  • Computer fraud: Involving situations where information has been stolen from a computer Credit card fraud: Any situation where someone else’s information has been used to make an unauthorized purchase can be considered credit card fraud
  • Insurance fraud: If you have inflated or falsified a claim, it could be considered insurance fraud
  • Mail fraud: Any situation where the U.S. mail is used to carry out a crime could be charged as mail fraud

With such a broad range of offenses fitting the bill for fraud, it’s a wise idea to find a West Palm Beach defense attorney who is familiar with this area of the law and the various defenses to a fraud charge. Many people have the perception that white-collar crimes are not as serious as other crimes because they are not violent, but this is not accurate.

An attorney should help you with any defense to a fraud charge. The penalties can be stiff, so never downplay the allegations.


Some examples of theft include embezzlement, blackmail, or misappropriation of property. These are the kind of charges that could haunt you for years to come, as another employer would be wary of hiring someone with a theft conviction on their record.

If you have been wrongfully accused, fight back with a criminal defense attorney who cares about your rights and your future.

Statutory Law Violations

The third common category for white-collar crimes has to do with violations of existing statutes. This could include:

  • Kickbacks
  • Tax evasion
  • Environmental law violations
  • Antitrust violations
  • Insider trading
  • Money laundering
  • Public corruption

As you might suspect, these are serious allegations. Even if you believe the charges are unfounded, you still need to take them seriously and retain a criminal defense attorney committed to exploring all possible avenues. A conviction of a statutory law violation could carry hefty fines or even prison time.

Defenses to White Collar Crimes

White-collar crime defenses are covered under criminal liability rules. In order to convict someone, these charges must be associated with a bad action, criminal intent, and causation. Many of the defenses linked to white-collar crimes are also linked to other crimes, like incapacity, insanity, entrapment, or even intoxication. These issues are quite complex, especially when it comes to entrapment.

Speak with an Experienced White Collar Crime Attorney

Only an attorney with years of experience working with white collar crime should handle a complicated issue involving one of these charges. Too much is on the line for you to minimize the importance of selecting the right legal representation.

The attorney you choose should be prepared to work with prosecutors if necessary, but also to take your case to court and fight for the best outcome for you. This means gathering evidence, preparing for days in court, and even speaking to witnesses. Make sure you select an experienced West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer.

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