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Top 3 Not to Do During Divorce 

Top 3 Not to Do During Divorce 

Top 3 Not to Do During Divorce 

Marriage is hard and not everyone gets to live out their happily ever after. Anyone who has gone through the divorce process can tell you that it is rarely an easy task. Emotions are high and often there are some decisions made in the heat of the moment that turn out to be poor ones.

Given how you might be feeling it can be hard to get everything sorted and feel you did it all without making a mistake. That is why turning to a divorce lawyer is often in your best interest. There are some critical mistakes that could cost you more than you are willing to give. That is why we’ve put together a list of things you shouldn’t do when filing for divorce. 

Here are the top 3: 

Don’t Dismiss Collaborative Divorce or Mediation   

It is true, asking for help isn’t easy. However, don’t dismiss the idea of having it. In a collaborative divorce, you get the help of attorneys, divorce coaches, and therapists to help you divide property and manage emotional stress. These people are here to help you through the process and while many think they are needed, there is proof out there that states otherwise. Mediation is different though. A third-party professional will come in and help you and your spouse reach an agreement. It is more of an ongoing process than just a one-time meeting. Most of the time lawyers aren’t allowed into mediation sessions to keep things civil. 

Don’t Take it Out on the Kids 

Children need support during a divorce. The easiest way to do that is to minimize the amount you talk about the process in front of them. Don’t use your anger to take it out on the kids as that can be damaging to them. Refocus your energy so you can attend their school events, help them with homework, do fun things, and try to relax. The point of divorce is to relieve stress on you and your family not add to it. 

Don’t Refuse to See a Therapist 

Therapy is important when you are going through something as tough as divorce. It isn’t a sign of weakness or shame to need to see one. Sometimes talking to a third-party person can help you see things from a different view. A therapist is there to help you learn how to talk about your divorce, how to go through your emotions, and how to figure out how to become self-sufficient through a major life change. Therapists are there to help you through these tough emotions and refusing to see one can add more stress. 

Divorce is hard and you should never have to go through it alone. If you are thinking about the process don’t let it overwhelm you. Reach out to a divorce lawyer like the ones at May Law, LLP, to learn more about the divorce process and what a lawyer can do for you. 

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