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Types of Stalking

Types of Stalking

In basic terms, stalking refers to situations when one person regularly attempts to engage or retain the attention of another person without their consent. While frequently engaging with other people is generally part of our normal routines, stalkers do so in ways that make their target experience severe emotional distress and/or fear for their personal safety. The stalker can do it with the intention of causing the fear or distress or do it unknowingly because of a false understanding of the relationship with their target. In the latter case, once the target has made it clear the interaction is unwanted, and the person continues, their actions can become stalking.

guy stalking a lady in an alley

As a crime, stalking involves a person following, monitoring, or attempting to contact another person against their will. Stalking has taken on new relevance in recent years, thanks to more attention being placed on online trolling and cyberstalking.

When accused of engaging in stalking, a person should seek legal expertise to ensure their rights in cases of criminal charges.

Some Types of Stalking

  • Celebrity stalking

While actors and models may appear to be the most well known examples of celebrity stalking, it’s important to understand that actually anyone known to a wide audience of people could qualify as a celebrity. For example, the mayor of a town may be known to their community because of their role in the public eye of that town and the surrounding area. As such, that mayor would be known to a large number of people, making them a “local celebrity.”

At its core, celebrity stalking refers to unwanted attention placed upon them by unknown individuals that fail to follow basic social rules of respect and courtesy. The stalker feels entitled to forcibly engage the celebrity in order to cause distress or fear. Celebrity stalking can apply to local personalities, including television hosts, radio deejays, professional athletes, salesmen, elected officials, or anyone with a level of fame.

Anyone accused of celebrity stalking may find defending or refuting the claims of a celebrity to be difficult, given the enhanced social status that celebrities can have.

  • Cyberstalking

Cyberstalking is the online equivalent of following a person against their will. Cyberstalking can involve relentlessly contacting a person through social media platforms, sending unwanted messages and emails, and generally attempting to engage with a person in various online mediums. The cyberstalking can be particularly frightening given today’s technology and the skill cyberstalkers have to get to their victims.In addition to social media, it’s also possible to engage in cyberstalking through online gaming and online discussion groups.

Anyone accused of cyberstalking needs to take charges seriously and find legal defense that is familiar with online culture and the ways online platforms are used. If you have been charged with cyberstalking, you will want an attorney well versed in the best defense for this type of stalking.

  • Workplace stalking

Workplace stalking is more common than you may think. Stalking can occur in any kind of office, whether it’s a small strip mall office or an large corporation. This particular type of stalking is especially problematic since so people need to work to support themselves and their loved ones. Since you must work, the idea of having work, while also being a victim of a workplace stalker can add to the helplessness victims feel. A stalker can manipulate workplace activities to force their victim to see, talk, and otherwise engage with their unwanted interactions. Another scenario is being stalked by a customer or vendor and again because of your need to be at your job, you cannot escape unwanted actions.

While many workplaces do have human resource offices to help address stalking in the workplace, anyone accused of stalking may not find such resources inadequate to resolve the situation. Without proper resolution an employee may escalate and get police involved. Similarly if you are a frequent customer or vendor, being accused of stalking can be devastating personally and professionally.

Defense Against Stalking Charges

As you can understand, being falsely accused of a crime like stalking can be frightening and harmful. Your actions may be legitimate but the so called victim’s reaction is disproportionate or unreasonable. You need to ensure that you are rigorously defended against such allegations.

At Farkas and Crowley, we are experienced criminal defense attorneys and are passionate about protecting our clients’ rights and strenuously defending them. To find out more about defense against stalking charges, contact West Palm Beach Criminal Defense attorneys at Farkas and Crowley, P.A., today.

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