Ways To Handle a DUI Stop In West Palm Beach

Ways To Handle a DUI Stop In West Palm Beach

Because driving under the influence (DUIs) represents a potential danger to the impaired driver and everyone else near or on a roadway, law enforcement officials in the West Palm Beach area take DUI infractions very seriously. A DUI checkpoint is part of their protocol but they can be unexpected and uncomfortable.

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In addition to pulling over anyone who appears to be committing a DUI, law enforcement officials can also schedule a DUI checkpoint at random roadside areas to help discourage DUI infractions.

Advanced Notice

Florida law requires the state’s law enforcement agencies to schedule the DUI checkpoints and publically announce the date and time of the checkpoints prior to setting them up. That means you as a member of the public should be able to find the scheduled DUI checkpoints on the local law enforcement’s website.

Remember to check exactly where the given law enforcement agency’s jurisdiction begins and ends. For example, while a sheriff’s office may be responsible for law enforcement in a county, a city within the county may have its own police force. As such, it’s possible to have two DUI checkpoints operated by two different law enforcement agencies set up near one another.

You can also check the application store on your smartphone for apps that publish the checkpoints in your area, too.

How DUI Checkpoints Work

DUI checkpoints in West Palm Beach do not work like a road work zone or lining up to pay for parking at a concert. That means driving through a DUI checkpoint will not necessarily require every driver to pull over and submit themselves for a sobriety test. Law enforcement officials do have the right to request any driver pull over, but they do not have the ability to demand every driver on the road to do so.

If law enforcement officials do direct you to pull over, follow some basic rules:

• DO Obey the Direction

Keep in mind that DUI checkpoints have been set up with the primary goal of maintaining road safety for everyone on or near the roads, including pedestrians. Don’t take the direction personally.

• DON’T Attempt to Evade

If the officer asks you to pull over, don’t attempt to ignore the request. And don’t try to evade by pulling a u-turn and accelerating away.

• DO Have Your Papers Ready

Make sure your license, vehicle registration, and vehicle insurance can all be presented to the officers.

• Don’t Be Intimidated

While law enforcement officials have the right to ask questions, you do not have any legal requirement to answer those questions. If you do not wish to answer the questions, politely inform the officer that you do not wish to answer the question.

Keep in mind, though, that refusing to answer the questions may not end the situation. If law enforcement officials suspect a driver of operating the vehicle while impaired, they may request a person submit to a sobriety test regardless of the response.

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