West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Attorneys Meet Clients Virtually

West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Attorneys Meet Clients Virtually

Virtual meetings came to national prominence during the pandemic and while Florida has lifted the many restrictions, the use of virtual meetings have become a fixture for doing business now. West Palm Beach criminal defense attorneys, Farkas & Crowley have long known the benefit of meeting virtually and offer it to clients.

virtual legal consultation in west palm beach with criminal defense attorneys

Even with an office in West Palm Beach, Adam Farkas and Jacqueline Crowley have embraced the continued practice of virtual meetings to make it easier for our clients to meet with us. We have found it enhances a better relationship and maintains better communication with our clients. While face-to-face meetings remain an option, we’re committed to using virtual meetings for any client that wishes to use this way of meeting.

Benefits of Meeting Virtually

While the occasional shortcomings of virtual meetings have gained recognition in the last few years such as, “You’re muted, turn your mic on,” people have learned how to hold and attend a virtual meeting. The benefits of virtual meetings cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to discussing legal issues.

  • Participation from Anywhere

As long as you have a computer or smart device with a camera and a mic and a Wi-Fi connection, you can participate in a virtual meeting. You don’t require any other specialized equipment, although you will need to be using the same program that we are using. For example, we all have to be in a Zoom meeting, or Microsoft Teams meeting or other common virtual meeting applications.

  • Minimize Travel

Driving to an attorney’s office on top of your other troubles can be an inconvenience and maybe even impossible. A virtual meeting can save you the hassle of having to drive across town to meet with your lawyer. This allows the client to save time driving and instead, readily participate in discussions about their criminal problems and learn how the lawyer will be able to defend them.

Making it convenient for our clients is an important goal of our practice.

  • Better Attorney- Client Relationships

Defendants seek our help when they have been charged with a crime and they are often afraid and stressed. Knowing you can get to talk with your lawyer as soon as possible is an important part of handling the case. Your relationship with your criminal defense attorney is important and virtual meetings add a stress relieving convenience to the situation. Virtual meetings allow you the chance to build better working relationships with your attorney.

At the same time, a virtual meeting allows the legal team of Farkas & Crowley a better opportunity to discuss sensitive information with an intimacy that an email or text cannot. Meeting with your lawyer and seeing their face can have a calming effect.

A Great Tool

Offering clients a virtual meeting offers an ease of communication that other methods may not. Though we offer face to face meetings in our offices or at a mutually convenient location, if you prefer a virtual meeting, we are happy to do that.

We want to help our clients get the best legal representation available in the West Palm Beach area and it starts with meeting through whatever means necessary.

Contact Farkas & Crowley, West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, and if meeting virtually suits your situation, we can do that. We are available by phone 24/7 and happy to accommodate you whatever way it makes sense. Please call our office to set up a call, virtual meeting, or a personal meeting at our West Palm Beach office or a location like a coffee shop or restaurant or even at your home. Contact Farkas and Crowley today by calling (561) 444-9529, 24/7 or for inquiries or questions, complete our online form.

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