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West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Lawyers Offer Advice

West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Lawyers Offer Advice

All lawyers, even competent ones, have not been created equally, and it’s important to have an understanding of exactly the type of lawyer you need. Local West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyers Adam Farkas and Jacqueline Crowley share their advice.

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West Palm Beach law firm, Farkas & Crowley are headed up by Adam Farkas and Jacqueline Crowley, a team of former Florida prosecutors who have moved to criminal defense, dedicating their careers to those in need. They have handled well over 200 criminal cases combined, ranging from DUIs to capital offenses. Here is what they suggest to look for in a defense lawyer.

Be Specific- You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

You can’t expect just any lawyer to be competent in criminal defense cases. Experience and success in defending clients is important. The practice of law covers a vast territory, and professional lawyers succeed by specializing in certain areas. So when looking for a criminal defense lawyer, look that they have a particular background in the area of criminal defense. Though a law firm may do other types of law, you need to make sure to focus your search on the specific area of “criminal defense lawyer.”

Once you’ve narrowed the field to a few names of criminal defense attorneys, start looking at the biography of the attorneys. What brought them into the field of criminal defense and how long have they been practicing?

Look for a Local Defense Lawyer

While it’s possible to find excellent criminal defense lawyers across Florida, it’s especially smart to find a lawyer who practices in the area of your arrest. The local lawyer will have an understanding of the local court system- who are the prosecutors, the judges, and even local support people such as court clerks, legal secretaries, probation officers, and even bail bondsmen. This familarity will go a long way when preparing your defense, discussing your case with prosecutors, and asking judges for certain requests.

For example, a criminal defense lawyer based in West Palm Beach will have their clients prosecuted in Palm Beach County criminal courts. In this example, West Palm Beach Criminal Defense lawyers Adam Farkas and Jacqueline Crowley have earned a reputation for being fair, trustworthy, and tough with Palm Beach County prosecutors so when they are negotiating for a charges to be dropped or reduced, their credibility works in their favor. They’re going to know the “system” and the best way to guide your specific case through the court system.

Think of hiring a criminal defense lawyer like hiring a taxi driver. While anyone with a license may be able to transport you from Point A to Point B, the good local driver will know which roads to avoid during rush hour, where the speed traps are, and how to avoid certain problem intersections.

You want the best driver getting you to a safe destination!

Hire Your Own Criminal Defense Lawyer

As a citizen of the United States, you have the right to an attorney when charged with a crime. But while public defenders provide a vital service, they have the disadvantage of of having a large caseload which means they may not be able to provide your case the needed attention and care.

Your own criminal defense attorney, on the other hand, provides you personalized attention. With your freedom hanging in the balance, you want to make sure you have an attorney focused on your case and your defense. Your own attorney will have the time to review legal defense strategies, to discuss your case with you, and detailed knowledge about your case.

If you are in the West Palm Beach area, consider hiring West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyers Adam R. Farkas and Jacqueline D. Crowley. They have the background and experience to provide you with a strong defense.

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