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Criminal Defense and Family Law West Palm Beach FL

Criminal Defense and Family Law West Palm Beach FL

Farkas & Crowley, P.A. deals with many different types of legal issues, but we specialize in criminal defense law and family law. We value families and believe that your health and wellbeing is a number one priority. If you are looking to hire a criminal defense attorney in West Palm Beach, Florida, or a family lawyer in West Palm Beach, Florida, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. We can set up a consultation to speak with you about your unique situation and come up with the best plan to move forward. 

Why Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you are charged with a criminal offense, it is crucial that you retain representation right away. An experienced criminal defense attorney in Florida from Farkas & Crowley, P.A. will be happy to meet with you to speak about your legal options and how you should go about speaking with law enforcement about the incident you are being charged with. Sometimes, people are charged with a crime they did not commit, or other times they are unfairly punished. A good criminal defense attorney will know how to handle questioning and what your legal rights are. It is crucial that you are protected during this time and do use your right to remain silent until you have legal representation with you. Even if you feel like speaking out will help prove your innocence of a crime, the legal system can be difficult to navigate through and you could somehow incriminate yourself by doing this. Our lawyers know how to handle all different types of criminal defense cases, so do not hesitate to reach out as soon as you find yourself in this situation. 

Why Might You Need a Family Lawyer? 

Family lawyers manage a very wide range of cases. They play a crucial role in any legal matters involving married couples, children, and sometimes even grandparents. Some of the most common reasons people need family lawyers in Florida include: 

There are many other reasons someone might need a family lawyer, and the best thing to do is set up a consultation to see how a family lawyer from Farkas & Crowley, P.A. could be of assistance to you. Whether you are having issues with a soon-to-be ex spouse and need help with your divorce case or need someone to give advice on if you should sign a prenuptial agreement, our law firm is here to help. We have years of experience in dealing with a very wide variety of cases and will look forward to being of assistance to you and your family. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our family lawyers in West Palm Beach, FL. There can be time restrictions on many rules, so time is often of the essence and can play a role in the outcome of your case. Set up a consultation today so that you can begin to move on with your life in whatever way that may be. 

Clear Lake West Palm Beach, Florida Clear Lake West Palm Beach, Florida 

If you are going through a difficult time with your spouse and are considering filing for divorce, reach out to our family lawyer in Clear Lake West Palm Beach, Florida today. The lawyers at Farkas & Crowley, P.A. are extremely well versed in divorce cases and will have the advice you need to decide how to move forward. 

No matter what you always need to have your own representation in a divorce case, but we can decide whether to go through mediation with your soon-to-be ex spouse or if your case needs to go to court in front of a judge. We will be your advocate every step of the way and will want to see a positive outcome in your case. We can discuss child support and child custody issues that may arise, what we believe the best options for you may be, and whether or not you should consider filing for spousal support as well. We will also make sure you do not miss any important filing deadlines and that every aspect of your case is handled in a fair and professional manner. The divorce process is a very difficult time for people, but we will handle your case with professionalism and empathy every step of the way. If you or someone you care about is going through a divorce in Clear Lake West Palm Beach, FL, contact our law firm today. 

CityPlace West Palm Beach, FloridaCityPlace West Palm Beach, Florida

Criminal charges are incredibly serious and can affect every aspect of your life. They can jeopardize your work and future employment opportunities, as well as interpersonal relationships and even where you live and who you are able to see. If you are convicted and have children, depending on the crime you may be limited in seeing them. This is why it is so crucial to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer in CityPlace West Palm Beach, Florida from Farkas & Crowley, P.A. He or she will do their best to protect your freedoms and ensure you get the best result from your case. This could include hiring an expert witness who would prove your case, investigating the situation surrounding your case, and coming up with a defense strategy that has been proven to work in cases like yours. 

Criminal defense lawyers know all of the Florida laws so will be able to be an enormous asset to finding any loopholes or defending you in court. Make sure to call a lawyer as soon as you are accused of a criminal charge and do not speak to anyone until your lawyer is present. Even if you think you may be helping your case, you could harm it if you are not careful. Contact someone at Farkas & Crowley, P.A. as soon as possible to retain representation. 

Lake Mangonia West Palm Beach, FloridaLake Mangonia West Palm Beach, Florida

There are many different things someone could be charged with where they would need to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Lake Mangonia West Palm Beach, Florida. Some of these reasons include, but are not limited to: 

  • Assault Charges
  • Driving While Intoxicated
  • Drug Possession Charges
  • Federal Crimes
  • Misdemeanor Offenses
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Theft 

Someone who has already been convicted of a crime may need to appeal their charge, which would also require hiring a criminal defense attorney. Criminal records are incredibly serious business and it is important that you hire someone to fight for your freedom alongside you. It can seem expensive to hire legal counsel, but it is often much less than being charged with a crime. You will not only likely have hefty fees to pay, but may even require some amount of jail time, if convicted. 

A criminal defense attorney in Florida from Farkas & Crowley, P.A. will work around the clock to ensure you have the best defense in court and do their best to get any charges against you dismissed — or, at the very least, the smallest amount of punishment as possible. Contact us right away. It is crucial to get started quickly so that we can protect you.

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