What Do Criminal Lawyers Do?

It’s no secret that criminal lawyers have a tough job. They are often tasked with defending, well, criminals. However, not all criminals are guilty. The legal system mandates that all suspects in a criminal case are innocent until proven guilty.

But other than representing clients who are otherwise charged with what could be a pretty serious crime, what does a criminal lawyer actually do?

1. Represent a Wide Range of Cases. First and foremost, criminal cases can range from minor felonies to federal drug crimes—and everything in between.

The challenging part of being a criminal defense lawyer is that cases can vary greatly from one to another. While case history can come in handy when planning new criminal cases, factors such as evidence, witnesses, and other legal circumstances can either make or break a case.

2. We Do Our Homework. A good criminal defense lawyer can’t exactly build a case if he or she doesn’t take the time to research and do homework. Building a solid defense strategy takes planning, preparation, research, and even teamwork.

3. Negotiate. Not only will a good criminal defense lawyer and legal team will research local, county, state, and federal laws surrounding a particular crime, question witnesses, and analyze and question statements and all pertinent evidence, he or she will also negotiate as necessary on a client’s behalf. Negotiation can involve negotiating a sentence or settlement, depending on the case and charges.

4. Answer Questions. Finally, and probably most important, a good criminal defense team will answer questions. If you are charged with a crime or felony, then you probably have a number of questions related to your future. Our advice? Don’t wait. Contact a good criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

If you’ve been charged with a felony or a crime, and a prison sentence may be jeopardizing your future and your freedom, contact an experienced and skilled criminal defense team today.

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