What is BAC for Minors?

What is BAC for Minors?


BAC, or Blood Alcohol Concentration, measures the amount of alcohol in a person’s body. The level is taken at the time of a traffic stop when a law enforcement officer has probable cause to believe someone is driving intoxicated. Like most states, Florida’s legal limit for adults is .08%, which means 0.08 grams per 100 milliliters of blood or .08 or more grams per 210 liters of breath.

What About BAC and Minors?

Alcohol is illegal for anyone under 21 in Florida to either consume or possess. For drivers under 21, the legal limit for BAC is .02% because of Florida’s policy of zero tolerance. A driver under 21 can be arrested for having a single drink because it is underage drinking.

But if an under-21 driver has a BAC of .08%, they will be arrested and criminally charged with DUI, the same as an adult.

Penalties For Underage Drinking

A minor who is arrested with a .02% BAC will face, at a minimum:

• A six-month license suspension for a first offense

• A one-year license suspension for a second or subsequent offense

• Mandatory enrollment in a Florida DUI school
Generally, underage drinking does not include jail time. Possession of alcohol by a minor is a separate charge, so it could include imprisonment.

Minors who refuse a breath or blood test will also face:

• A one-year license suspension for the first time

• An 18-month license suspension for the second or subsequent time

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles handles these cases separately.

Minors with a BAC of .08% who are criminally charged as an adult can face:

• Fines from $500 to $1,000

• License suspension, six months to one year

• Vehicle impoundment

• Up to six months of county jail incarceration

• Community service, up to 50 hours

Driving with a suspended license includes additional charges, fines, and jail time.

Other Consequences

Along with penalties, an underage DUI can mean:

• Court costs, attorneys’ fees, and admin fees to recover your driver’s license

• Drastic increases in auto insurance

• Limits on personal rights and professional licensure

• Prohibitions on joining the military

• Possible loss of acceptance into colleges and universities, as well as scholarships and financial aid

We can help can fight underage DUI charges and clear your record. If you already have a conviction, we can help you seek expungement to have it removed.

DUI Defense Attorneys In West Palm Beach

An underage DUI charge with a high BAC can impact your entire life. If you are stopped and charged with DUI, do not answer questions or speak with police without your lawyer present. Ask for a lawyer immediately, and do not say anything without them.

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