What is Florida’s 10-20-Life?

What is Florida’s 10-20-Life?

Florida’s 10-20-Life Law, originally created in 1999, was to address concerns about gun violence in the state of Florida. It got its title by referencing the minimum amount of years an individual would face for a conviction of a crime involving the use of a firearm.

Florida's 10-20-life law

By “use of a firearm,” the law applies to both the actual and implied use of a firearm or other device designed as a weapon. Depending on the crime in question, the individual could theoretically be charged under the 10-20-Law statute just for holding a gun or other firearm and never discharging the item.

Like many similar laws and initiatives, 10-20-Life has its own catchphrase: Use a Gun, And You’re Done.

Quick History

In 1998, the state of Florida recorded more than 31,000 violent crimes involving firearms. Seeking to dissuade further criminal acts while addressing the sheer volume of gun violence in the state, newly-elected Florida Governor Jeb Bush introduced the 10-20 life law in 1999.

How It Works

10-20-Life requires the judge presiding over a hearing to impose a set sentence on a person convicted of a crime while carrying and/or discharging a firearm.

  • 10 Years

The minimum sentence for being armed during the crime in question.

  • 20 Years

The minimum sentence is if the individual actually discharged the weapon/device while engaged in the alleged crime.

  • Life

Actually refers to 25 years to life in cases where the individual discharged the weapon/device and someone else was seriously injured or killed as a result.

Additionally, the statute also includes several other mandates:

  • A minimum term of 3 years for possession of a firearm by a felon,
  • The minimum term of imprisonment be served consecutively to any other term of imprisonment imposed
  • An increase to the minimum term of 15 years when the offender possesses a semiautomatic firearm and its high-capacity detachable box magazine or a machine gun.

Applicable Crimes

Mandatory minimum sentencing rules come into play for these charges:

Why It’s Important

The gun laws in the state of Florida are far reaching and may seem tougher or more lenient depending on what state you are coming from. Since Florida has a “Stand Your Ground” law regarding self defense, a person could try to use self defense as a strategy to avoid conviction under the 10-20 Life law. However the list of applicable crimes under 10-20-Life are some of the most serious acts you can engage in and using a gun while engaged in these crimes makes the possibility of conviction with mandatory terms of jail time likely.

Florida Senate Bill 228 deleted mandatory minimums for aggravated assault from the list. the bill did this by deleting aggravated assault from the list of crimes to which 10-20-Life applies. As a result, persons who are convicted of only an aggravated assault offense will no longer be subject to the 10-20-Life penalties.

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