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What the Gun-on-Campus Controversy in Florida Means to You

What the Gun-on-Campus Controversy in Florida Means to You

After recent news that the proposal to allow guns on campus is most likely dead for the 2016 legislative session, any individuals who have been accused of or convicted of a drug crime in Florida should be aware of what this could mean for them if they were to bring a weapon onto a site like this.

One republican senator from Miami has worked diligently to attempt to conceal any efforts to provide for guns on campuses of the public colleges and universities across the state of Florida.

If you have questions about your rights as they relate to carrying a weapon after you have been convicted of a crime, then it’s in your best interest to consult with your West Palm Beach gun crimes attorney.

Understanding the potential issues associated with having a weapon post-conviction could help you to avoid unfortunate and damaging penalties in the future.

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What is the Status of the Bill…and What Does it Mean?

The bill, which was presented for the second year in a row, is currently dead in committee even though an identical measure is slowly making its way through the Florida House. 

The bills are supported by the National Rifle Association, Florida Carry, and student groups wish to allow more than 1.4 million individuals with concealed weapons permits in Florida to bring their weapons on the grounds of college campuses and public universities.

Part of the concern for allowing individuals with accurate concealed weapon permits to do this has to do with the increase in school shootings we’ve seen recently.

Some individuals who support concealed carry and the opportunity to have a weapon on campus believe that individuals could react more swiftly if a gunman did suddenly attempt to open fire on one of Florida’s many university and college campuses.

School shootings have received a lot of press in recent years, with some individuals supporting carried weapons arguing that amending the laws could help to reduce the violence and limit the number of individuals who pay for these crimes with their lives.

What Do Opponents Say About the Possibility of Allowing Carried Weapons on Campus?

Opponents of the law, however, argue that it simply allows for any individual with a concealed weapons permit to think that it is okay to have a weapon on campus.

Some opponents are concerned that this could encourage college students or other individuals on these campuses to attempt to resolve their problems with a gun before trying other efforts.

An Open Discussion about “Open Carry”

The concept of amending current legislation associated with open carry is certainly not a new one. It has previously been suggested by police chiefs and Florida sheriffs, and some of these suggestions may be rolled into a more acceptable amendment to the current rules.

Staying Out of Trouble… If you have been convicted of a felony drug crime or any other type of gun crime in the state of Florida, then you need to be aware of the potential for getting yourself in trouble by carrying weapons after you have been convicted. In felony situations you will have strict rules about what you can and cannot do while you are serving your sentence as well as afterwards.

Make sure you don’t find yourself in trouble all over again as a result of carrying your weapon. If you do carry your weapon in locations where it’s allowed, make sure you always have your proper permit and paperwork with you.

This can help you avoid further problems with the police by demonstrating that you know and abide by the law as it relates to weapons.

Having a gun on your person without an active permit or if having one means violating your probation and parole terms, then this could lead to serious criminal consequences.

Individuals who have already been accused and convicted of gun crimes in Florida may be devastated to learn that they could be facing additional consequences simply for carrying a weapon when not permitted. Visit here to learn more about working with a West Palm Beach gun crimes attorney. What You Should Know About Carrying Weapons After a Conviction

Whether the problem with you carrying a weapon on a specific place has to do with a bar against your doing so as a result of your conviction parole or probation terms or whether it is simply not allowed by Florida laws, you can find yourself in hot water relatively quickly without realizing it. Do all of your research about the rights and responsibilities you have as it relates to owning a gun before heading out anywhere.

Work With a West Palm Beach Gun Crimes Attorney to Help You Get Out of Trouble

You should always consult with your West Palm Beach gun crimes attorney to determine the stipulations of your conviction and how you can prevent legal issues down the line.

Being aware of these issues and avoiding future entanglement with the law could be critical for allowing you to move on with your life after a conviction.

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