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What You Need to Know About Carrying a Weapon in a Florida State Park

What You Need to Know About Carrying a Weapon in a Florida State Park

While owning and carrying a weapon is one of the oldest and first constitutional rights, it has also created a lot of controversy in recent years—especially with the frightening growth of mass shootings in the United States. Read more about some of the mass shootings in Florida here.

Regardless of the controversies surrounding of the possession of weapons, owning and carrying a weapon in Florida is a right— as long as you have the proper permits.

However, just because you have a permit to carry a weapon doesn’t mean there aren’t restrictions. Here are some restrictions about carrying a weapon that you should know.

Read about some of the restrictions and common myths here.

You are allowed to open carry a weapon if you are fishing, hunting or camping in the state of Florida. You are also allowed to open-carry this weapon if you are travelling to or from one of the above listed activities.

This does not mean, however, that you are eligible to walk into any particular facility on your way to go hunting or fishing if that facility does not allow you to have a weapon inside. You need to be very clear about your rights and responsibilities as it relates to public areas.

Find out more about your rights to carry a weapon in Florida. A West Palm Beach weapons attorney can help you understand the impacts of potential violations more clearly.

Mixed Messages

Bear in mind that in the Savannas Preserves State Park, park rangers and staff state that you are not allowed to have possession of a firearm unless you’re a conservation officer or law enforcement officer while inside, except where there are previous regulations and compliance rules allowing such under the Fish and Wildlife Commission.

This applies specifically to ban lands within a particular set of boundaries, but Florida laws in recent years have struck down bans on weapons in parks. It’s always better to call and check first or to leave your weapon behind if you can.

Individuals facing the highest risk levels are those who have previously been convicted of a crime. Learn more about local weapons bans in Florida here.

If you do own a weapon in the state of Florida, then you should be able to bring your weapon and your concealed weapons permit for that firearm while you are inside a state park.

If you have a licensed firearm but do not have a concealed weapons permit however, then you may be allowed to bring the weapon in the state park as long as it is secured at all times inside your camping rig or your vehicle.

Prohibitions on Firing Projectiles

Any weapons or devices that fire projectiles are not allowed to be operated on any state administered trail walkway or a state park. While you are permitted to have the weapon and carry it concealed so long as you have the permit, you should remember that it is not allowed to be used on state lands.

Anytime that you have a weapon, whether it is concealed or something you intend to carry in the open, you need to be clear about all of the places that you are allowed and not allowed to bring this weapon.

Consequences of Violating Florida Laws Regarding Weapons

If you violate the rules, then you may face charges for weapons crimes. However, as long as you have the proper permits and you are not firing a weapon where it’s illegal to do so, there is nothing wrong with carrying your weapon in safe manner. It’s a good rule of thumb to be prepared in the event that you are stopped by authorities, however.

This is why it is imperative that you understand all of the various regulations. You may wish to understand the various stipulations associated with concealed and open carry in the state of Florida.

It is a good idea to always be cognizant of when you are carrying your weapon around so that you can secure it properly if you are in violation of any particular rules. Maintaining an accurate permit and being courteous with any officer is another good rule of thumb if you intend to carry a weapon.

Call a West Palm Beach Weapons Attorney

If you currently face charges for a weapons crime, then find out how a West Palm Beach weapons attorney might be able to help.

Visit here to learn more about weapons crimes in the state of Florida, and how a West Palm Beach weapons attorney might be able to help you.

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