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Why Guns Make Crimes More Serious…and How You Can Fight Back

Why Guns Make Crimes More Serious…and How You Can Fight Back

The possession and use of guns in the United States is still a hot issue today. We are constantly hearing about crimes that involve guns on the news and online, and mass shootings seem to be a common occurrence, raising a great deal of concern for the general public safety.

As the media tends to cover these events in great detail and as they seem to be happening more frequently, it is important to know what to do if you are accused of a crime with a gun.

Why Guns Make Crimes More Serious

As you can tell from any number of prosecutions and trials associated with individuals who have been accused of perpetrating mass shootings in the United States, simply having the kinds of dangerous weapons that are frequently present during these events can become a significant part of the prosecution case.

However, having a weapon and being near the scene of a crime does not always mean that you should be accused of perpetrating that crime with a weapon.

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The Problem with Gun Presence

You may be innocent of the crime itself, but having a weapon on your person, even if you have done so in a legal manner, can make you a suspect for the crime.

Given the amount of attention and the type of outcomes typically associated with mass shootings and other crimes that involve guns and weapons of any kind today, any crimes where you have been accused of having a weapon in addition to perpetrating the crime can be taken very seriously by the court.

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Legal Representation is the Way to Go

If you have been accused of a crime, especially a crime related to guns or weapons of any kind, or you were present during a crime, then the first thing you should do is consult with an experienced weapons law attorney in Florida.

A reputable weapons law attorney can help with your crime in the following ways:

  • An attorney can look at all of the various facts in the case and determine the most appropriate defense strategy.
  • An attorney should conduct investigations as necessary to gather as much information as necessary to use in your defense.
  • An attorney should be accessible to you for whenever you have questions and keep you informed on the progress of your case.
  • An attorney should be committed to fighting for the best legal outcome for you.

Hiring an Experienced Weapons Law Attorney

Having any kind of serious weapon whether it be a bomb, gun or other dangerous weapon can make it more difficult for your criminal defense. Being in possession of a weapon at the scene of a crime appears to indicate that you intended to use it—whether you actually did intend to use it or not.

Having a weapon, like a gun, present at the scene of an alleged crime can amplify your penalties significantly. It is imperative to discuss this fact with your experienced Florida criminal defense attorney as soon as you have been accused of a crime.

When you’re facing the penalties for a crime, you need a West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer who can help you and take your case seriously. Contact a committed attorney as soon as you have been charged.

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