4 Reasons Why a Florida Criminal Lawyer Should Be Your First Phone Call

Do you know what to do after an arrest? If the police has probable cause or proof that you committed a crime or were attached or associated with a crime in some manner, then you will likely be arrested. But an arrest can’t really take place without proper evidence.

However, the police officer won’t need a warrant once there is an obvious crime being committed. Prior to being questioned, the police officer has to let you know that you don’t have to answer the questions and that you can call an attorney, which is exactly what you should do.

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Here are some reasons why a Florida criminal lawyer should be your first phone call after an arrest:

1. The Arrest Phase: Within two days of being arrested, a Florida suspect will appear in court. While an attorney will be provided to anyone who doesn’t have an attorney or legal representation, this doesn’t always mean this is the best road to take. It is best to secure a lawyer as soon as you are charged with a crime. You don’t want to wait until the judge makes the appointment.

2. Preparing Your Plea: Within a month after the initial appearance, the accused will have an arraignment hearing. This is where you would enter a plea of guilty, not guilty or indicate that you are not answering any charges at that junction. Both you and your attorney would have already discussed your plea. However, with an attorney present, you have more legal power to face the judge.

3. Dealing with the Prosecution: The Florida prosecutor will review your case aggressively, deciding if there is sufficient evidence to pursue a trial. You need an attorney to work on your behalf so that if there isn’t sufficient evidence, the attorney can ask for the case to be dismissed.

In the state of Florida, a formal charge is made within 75 days of being arrested for a misdemeanor crime and 175 days of being arrested for a felony. A decision has to be made within 30 days, if the suspect is still in jail.

4. A Bargaining Chip: There are many criminal cases that attorneys can resolve by negotiating a plea bargain. This is especially true if the prosecution and your attorney have a professional relationship.

While the judge is not required by law to accept these deals, most of them usually do so. Therefore, with a Florida criminal attorney on your side, you stand a better chance of having a deal negotiated, possibly resulting in a plea bargain with the prosecution.

Consult with a Florida Criminal Lawyer

Whether you have been arrested for a murder charge or assault and battery, you need a Florida criminal lawyer to aggressively represent you. It is better to have an advocate on your side, a professional who understands the criminal justice system, and how to negotiate and defend your rights to seek the best possible legal outcome.

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